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The Rigsaver® air shut-off valve is mounted in an engine's air intake system to stop the airflow from entering the cylinders and positively immobilize the engine, safeguarding personnel and equipment. It can be manually or automatically controlled, responding to a variety of fault or hazard conditions.

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      Next Generation Rigsaver 11SGE Shut Off Valv

Next Generation 11SGE Valve

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Rigsaver Air Shutoff Valve

The port diameter on the Rigsaver air intake shutoff valves can be modified to meet specific customer requirements.  Contact us for more information.

Temperature rating: Operates safely at ambient and induction air temperatures between +350°F to + 400°F (+176°C to +205°C); Optional high temperature applications up to +536°F (+280°C) also available
Maximum pneumatic tripping pressure: 100 psi
Maximum solenoid energize time: 5 seconds
  Available with 2 in. (50mm.) to 14 in. (355mm.) of unrestricted port